Pasta Roma products

Pasta Roma, inspired by the authentic Italian culture and thinking about the health of consumers, provides you with the best string and form pasta


String products

Types of spaghetti in different sizes


Formy products

Shells, Helbo, Piccoli and Hornelli shaped pasta


Bulk products

Types of bulk pasta in sizes of 20 and 25 kilos

About pastrami

Khoshnam Food Company, a subsidiary of Chengizi Factory Group, previously known as Mac. Chengizi Holding is currently active in two important sectors of flour industry and pasta industry, and because of this support, it has launched a new brand named "Pasta Roma" in the market since 1402. which has satisfied consumers in this short period of time.

flour industry

Genghizi Group with 3 flour factories across the country and more than 40 years of activity

Pasta industry

Production of all kinds of string pasta, formimi and lasagna in different packaging and shapes

Features of our products

Based on a family business, with a history of three generations in the food industry, our values ​​are based on the following 6 principles.

Exceptional quality

Determined to provide the best quality to customers


Honesty is the heart of our company and brands.

Committed to society

We always share a part of our profit with you.

Nutritional Value

Maintaining nutritional value at the level of standards


We believe that tradition is important


We are proud of the diversity of our products and try to meet

Products on the market

In this section, you can see the most popular pastarma products.

Our heritage

The late Haj Masha Allah Genghizi Mehrabani, the elder of Genghizi family, with more than 65 years of hard work and day and night activity, is the founder of this industrial and commercial complex, which is currently managed in the form of Genghizi Holding in a completely private and family manner.

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Connection with Pasta Roma

If you intend to order Pastarma products or are interested in communicating with the Postarma support team, you can complete the form, we will contact you as soon as possible. You can also contact us through the following ways